Click on the images to see/hear some current and past media/album projects.


'Concrete and Steel' - Rescore Trailer.

I've scored trailers and adverts and created library music. Here's a composition I created in 2021 for the Heavyocity 'SYMPHONIC DESTRUCTION' Rescore Competition. 

The Animator's Eye - short film and book. 

THE ANIMATOR'S EYE is a short animated film and book, created, directed and produced by former Disney director Francis Glebas (Pocahontas, Fantasia 2000, Piglet's Big Movie). The flim was released in 2012. This short film accompanied the book, released by Focal Press, and is available now. 

Shagxotica! - New Music Inspired by the Paintings of SHAG (Josh Agle).

SHAGXOTICA! was the first of many solo instrumental albums I've released that have been "soundtracks" for paintings and illustration art. I've also composed music for two documentaries about painters and their lives. SHAGXOTICA! was released in 2002, and 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of the album's release. If you're a fan of Shag's art, watch for some special news regarding this anniversary in '22! 

'Brain Sync' - New Production music: