I was fascinated by music from an early age. As a child, and then a teenager, I would intently listen to the music that was all around me in my home growing up - from Big Band Jazz and Beethoven albums, to the soundtracks of Bernard Herrmann, Vangelis and John Williams, to the mesmerizing pop and rock strains of Bowie, U2, Van Halen and Devo. 

At the same time, I took piano lessons for 8 years, starting at the age of 7 years old. Growing up, I sang in church choir, and would sometimes perform piano solos during service as well.  


Towards the end of my High School years, I joined my first rock band, as both bassist (synth bass) and keyboardist (Juno 60 Synth!). Singing background vocals as well, I also contributed some of my first pop/rock compositions to this band, known at the time as CIA. I continued playing with CIA for several years, eventually only playing synth keys when the addition of a bass player filled out the group roster. After I played in this group, I started  composing music  - what I call "visual instrumental music", and I wanted to create score soundtracks! I then began recording music in many varied studios and never looked back. Throughout these years I got to play/record with many other talented musicians and composers.  


I obtained my University Degree through the CSUF system, graduating with a BA Degree in Sociology. 

In addition, I attended University for several more years after obtaining my degree, and at this time I studied common style music theory, music history classes and more. While attending Uni at this time, I had the great pleasure of performing in the Men's chorus, and performed in many choral concerts on and off campus that were quite enjoyable shows.   

In between my times of attending classes in the CSUF system, I attended design school in downtown Los Angeles (FIDM), and I studied fashion design, graphic arts and I was particularly fascinated with computer graphics at this time and began a longtime fascination with graphic design and layout.  


I first started composing score music at the end of my college years. I've composed music for indie short films, jingles, adverts, animated shorts, an indie feature, documentaries, music libraries and student films. I would go on to release over a half dozen self-composed instrumental albums, and I would continue scoring audiovisual productions through the 2010's. 


*Note: See the resume page for a complete listing of my audiovisual, solo album, film and media music composing work.  



I began teaching private piano lessons in my adult years, and concentrated on teaching a mostly classical repertoire, with the addition of some pop-rock and other styles as well. With many years of experience teaching piano students, I find it to be very rewarding to help others learn and grow with the gift of music. 

I am available as a teacher of piano, as well as for music theory/composing. To obtain lessons for yourself or your family in the Los Angeles area, please reach out on the CONTACT page. 





In addition to my filmmaking contributions through creating film scores, I am also a visual filmmaker. I have produced/released a couple of original short films as well as short concept videos for my instrumental compositions and soundtracks.   

While growing up, I was intensely into photography, and started taking photos in middle school and on into my adult years. At one point, I had my own home dark room, and I was mesmerized particularly with black and white photography.