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CYKO KO - The Animated Series.

Currently (August 2023), I am composing the music score for CYKO KO: THE ANIMATED SERIES. This cartoon features the main returning cast of the cult indie classic movie NAPOLEON DYNAMITE. 


'Marrying For Love' -  Bridgerton Show Rescore Trailer.

One of my new compositions (2022) is a rescore for this 'Bridgerton' show scene, sponsored by the Spitfire Audio competition. I enjoyed composing this one! 

Shagxotica! - The complete album now on sale at Bandcamp! 

2022 is the twentieth anniversary of my album SHAGXOTICA! - which is the soundtrack I composed inspired by the amazing paintings of the artist named SHAG (AKA, Josh Agle). This release mixes up exotica with electronica, jazz, retro-future and cartoon music styles! 

To celebrate, in 2022 I will be releasing new music inspired by SHAG's paintings.